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WhiskFub Wireless and Invisible Dog Fence with Remote Dog Training Collar with 2.4 GHz Signal Source, 16 Levels of Distance, Signal Range from 30 to 800 Feet, and 3-Mode Dog Collar

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WhiskFub Wireless and Invisible Dog Fence with Remote Dog Training Collar with 2.4 GHz Signal Source, 16 Levels of Distance, Signal Range from 30 to 800 Feet, and 3-Mode Dog Collar

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Do you want your dog to roam free without running outside the safe boundaries? Do you want to establish the safety sense in your dog even from a distance? With the WhiskFub, you get 2-in-1 benefits – a wireless, invisible fence, and a remote dog training collar to help your dog stay in the safe areas! 


WhiskFub Wireless and Invisible Dog Fence Features

If your dog is prone to running into dangerous areas, the WhiskFub will keep him secured even without you having to whistle or scream! 

✅The WhiskFub comes with 16 levels of distance that you can adjust based on how wide you want the coverage to be. 

This invisible dog fence has a signal range of 30-800 feet. You have the choice how wide you want the coverage to be. 

The WhiskFub can cover an entire yard! 

✅Expert-designed invisible dog fence that has topnotch accuracy – no more accidents to worry about. We hear you, furparents. You’re worried that the device will fail and your dog will accidentally wander off! The good news is that WhiskFub is actually designed to ensure the fences work 100% all the time. 

The fences now come with 2.4GHz Signal Source which is much more accurate and stable than other old WIFI signal transmission. No fail signals ensure no glitch can cause accidents. 

✅Sends a distinct warning tone and low-current sensation to your dog to alert them when they’re near hazard zones. 

Your dog will instantly get a distinct, recognizable sensation that tells them they’re reaching the off-limits zone. This sensation will help train them avoid dangerous areas. 

✅You can train multiple dogs with just one signal source. 

The WhiskFub can control up to 3 remote collars. These collars work for both big and small dogs. 

WhiskFub Remote Training Collar Features

Train your little dogs and adult furpets with ease with the WhiskFub. 

The remote training collar with 3 modes you can fit for your dogs’ training. 

You can choose from beep, vibration, and shock – each option is suited for training either beginner or advanced dogs. 

The shock mode comes with a low-current sensation of static electricity that won’t hurt your dog. You can adjust intensity up to 9 levels.

Equipped with rubber protective cover which makes your dog comfortable while wearing the collar. 

The collar won’t cause blisters to your dog’s skin. 

Chargeable and Waterproof Collar

Both transmitter and receiver collar are rechargeable and made of IPX6 waterproof material, which means your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain with this wireless training collar.


Mode 1: Wireless Dog Fence Syestem

  • Set a range on the transmitter,then put the receiver collar on dog’s neck.
  • When dogs are out of the setting range, the receiver collar will make a warning tone – vibration and then shock to remind your dog to go back.
  • The receiver collar will switch to standby mode if it does not work for 5 minutes.

Mode 2: Remote Dog Training

  • Under Dog Training Mode, one transmitter can control up to 3 dogs at the same time.
  • There are 3 functions could be chosen from the panel directly: Sound, Vibration & Shock.
  • Vibration and Shock have 3 intense levels to adjust.


  • Material: ABS
  • Waterproof grade: IPX6
  • Transmitter: 3.7V2000MAH
  • Receiver: 3.7V400MAH
  • Fit Type: 15-120LBS
  • Intensity: 0-9 files adjustable
  • Controllable range: 10-300 meters
  • Operation Mode: Sound + Vibration + Electric Shock

Package includes:

  • 1 x Wireless fence main unit
  • 1 x Dog collar receiver
  • 1 x Test light
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x English manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Susan R. sloan
great little collar

This collar worked very well for my 40lb Australian Shepherd. We just moved to a new house and our neighbors are much closer than they used to be. We needed something simple to remind our dog that he doesn't have to bark at every little thing that goes by. Set up was simple and easy. We use it occasionally when he starts barking too much. We don't want to completely discourage all barking as that can be helpful sometimes. Overall happy with it.

raymond K. steinke
Works great...

This collar works great on my lab. She would go out to potty and go further than I wanted and I had a hard time getting her back. This collar has trained her to limit how far she goes now. It's easy to use and the beep is all I have to use. She hears that and turns and comes back quickly. it holds a long charge and its nor heavy wearing it. I keep it at the door and put it on her when she goes out. Its durable and well designed.

freeman G. McLeod
Works better than most

I do like this one better than some of the others and now our dog don’t wonder into other peoples yards and cause problems with the neighbors as long as we remember to put it on lol thanks so much.

Abel D. Martin
Amazing Wireless dog fence collar!

I've never seen anything like this before and had to give this collar a try. If your dog somehow gets out of your yard and you feel like you're worried about leaving them alone this is for you! This Collar is literally an imaginary fence for dogs! You set the distance on the remote to the vibrate or sound you need to make if they pass the imaginary line my dog has been so good and we have only had it on them for a few days!

It is a shock-vibrate and sound collar that has a super nice remote control where you can see all the options, set the distance and you can tell the different modes by shock-vibrate or a sound. I can adjust the distance and how far I need the fence to be on the remote control. I keep mine at around 7 because our yard isn't that big but it goes pretty far! There is a channel button so if you have more than one dog you can sync them all to the same remote! Very easy to use and comes with a manual that shows you how to set it up! I feel relief now knowing she can roam free in our backyard without getting out in the neighborhood and gives me peace of mind!

Stephanie C. Martin
Works for all dog sizes!

Makes having a dog at the lake soooo easy and stress free! I know he’s safe in our yard, and he knows exactly where to stop before the beeping starts! My grandma has one too and loves it for her large dog!