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CanineRove Invisible Dog Fence, Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collars

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

CanineRove Invisible Dog Fence, Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collars

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Let your dogs run and play freely and safely with CanineRove!

Millions of dogs are killed on the roads each year because cars simply don’t see them. Don’t let it happen to yours. Keep them safe and confined within your desired range using the smartest Wireless Dog Fence System—the CanineRove!

This device offers you the ability to ensure your dog runs and plays within a safe space. It uses the latest wireless, circular range technology that covers up to 328 yards or 984 feet area to give your pet up-to-date security and well-rounded behavior training.

This intelligent 2-in-l electronic wireless fence system is one of the latest products in the pet electronic product market. Featuring a novel appearance and a comfortable hand feeling, the CanineRove is a slick, easy-to-use device to level up your pet’s security at home or outdoors.
It is worth mentioning that the CanineRove integrates the dog device and the wireless electronic fence in one easy operation. It’s convenient—not only it can provide better pet security, but also allow pets to get better training within a limited range.
CanineRove Team
Why choose CanineRove?
  • Supports up to 5 levels of correction for better training and security
  • Requires zero wires to bury and delivers unparallel precision
  • Trains in a delicate way and will not harm your pet while in use
  • 100% portable and can be used in different locations, such as parks and other adventures

Benefits & Features:

  • Smart Training System: When your dog reaches the signal boundary, the wireless dog fence will vibrate to alert the dog to return to the safe area. If in case your dog continues to stay away from the transmitter, the collar will release an electric shock. This alert system will continue to operate up to 6 levels of correction until your dog returns within the registered perimeter. With this, your dog will easily learn the appropriate distance it can wander.
  • Cost-Effective: Don’t worry about putting a fence up anymore! The CanineRove Wireless Pet Fence System can teach your pet constructive behavior training for a much lower price.
  • OFF-Leash Training: Train your pet in about 14 days! This electric dog fence works wonders on stubborn or hard-to-train pets while being safe for everyone who enters your yard. The wireless dog fence works by delivering mild static correction through two contact points that touch your pet’s neck.
  • Fits most dog sizes and breeds: The wireless dog fence system works for pets of all sizes and either fenced or unfenced yards. The adjustable collar of an electric dog fence allows you to create a perfect fit for your pet. Its receiving collar is also waterproof, rechargeable, and durable to guarantee long-lasting support.
  • A safe way to train your dog: The static correction used by CanineRove is mild and completely adjustable. It comes with 5 progressive levels of correction that allow you to administer training quickly but gently. This wireless dog fence will not hurt your pet in any way.
  • Pet fence system with 2-in-1 function: Our CanineRove comes with an LED display and a remote control sound vibration shock trainer.

How To Use:

  • The remote control distance of the dog trainer can be up to 328 yards or 984 feet.
  • Three dogs can be controlled at the same time. The LED digital display “001” indicates the first dog, “002” indicates the second dog, and “003” indicates the third dog.
  • Independent “sound,” “vibration,” and “electrostatic reminder” three function button selection. Each function has 1-6 levels of intensity adjustable. The low number indicates weak—the higher the number, the stronger the intensity. You can adjust the modes are using the “+” and “-” buttons.
  • When the “Sound” function is selected, press the corresponding function button, and the size of 1-6 files can be adjusted. If you need a continuous voice prompt training function, press and hold the button until you don’t need training.
  • When the “vibration” function is selected, the corresponding function button can be pressed, and the size of 1-6 files can be adjusted. If the alarm training function is required, press and hold the button until you don’t need training.

Using the Receiver:

  • Press the power button to turn it on. After the power is turned on, the power light will be on. Then change the power to shut down.
  • The receiver adopts the recyclable charging mode, the 400 mAh lithium battery, after the charging line is inserted, the red light flashes, and the green light is long when the battery is fully charged.
  • If the receiver is still at 5 minutes, it will enter the sleep state, and the receiver can be awakened by the receiver, which can save more power.
  • The LED test light is used to test the electrostatic intensity. The brighter the test light, the stronger the electric shock intensity.
  • The receiver is waterproof, rechargeable, and practical.
  • The conductive column can be replaced, and a longer or shorter electric column can be selected according to the dog’s hair.

Package Contains:

  • 1 * Invisible Fence Wireless Dog Fence


  • A weak battery at 3 volts: The LED shows 000 flashes and sounds: drops. . . . drop. . . . The beep sounds, the red light flashes when charging, and the red light is long after being fully charged.
  • Long press key 3 seconds code mode

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
brent E. sheppard

We purchased this item for our two small dogs. One is a Yorkie and the other is a shih tzu. The set up was simple and our dogs figured out their territory in one day. We are happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone with dogs.

Julie M. dipalma
Good for Escape Artists

I have an escape artist that we've caught red handed trying to get away. We have a really small radius backyard and in a new subdivision that has large holes under the fences as the homes settle. I actually placed the control center in our house because of how small our back yard is. However, it's great because it keeps him from getting away all of the time and it doesn't take a lot to scare him into staying put. it's been great. He loves the freedom and I love the safety.

Harvey Daniels

This is an incredible system. Took about 30 min to train the dogs and that is including putting out the flags

Carol Leonard
Better than more expencive options

Good training collar. Great range and it has worked perfect.

Ellen Domingue

One of the best opportunities to improve your dog's behaviour and get on top of lead walking, recall, impulse control, manners, reactivity, calmness and more.