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WoofFluff Outdoor Dog Coat – Harness-Ready, Weatherproof, and Reflective Strips, Dog Jacket with Back Zipper for Small to Large Breeds

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

WoofFluff Outdoor Dog Coat – Harness-Ready, Weatherproof, and Reflective Strips, Dog Jacket with Back Zipper for Small to Large Breeds

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Hey there, fellow pup parent! You know how our four-legged family members have this adorable yet maddening habit of acting like it’s beach season, even when the weather’s throwing a tantrum? Well, enter the WoofFluff Outdoor Dog Coat – the ultimate weather warrior that ensures your pooch is prepped and primed for whatever Mother Nature decides to dish out.

This coat isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s your dog’s personal climate shield. Harness-ready? Check. Weatherproof? Double-check. Reflective strips? You bet, because playing hide-and-seek with a camouflaged canine in the dusk is so last season. So, whether your dog is more of a ‘strut-the-catwalk’ pupper or a ‘there’s-mud-let’s-roll’ pooch, the WoofFluff Outdoor Dog Coat is the perfect plus-one to their outdoor escapades. Let’s turn that shiver into a swagger!

Rain? Just Water Off a Duck’s Back!

large dog coats

That waterproof exterior means your furball stays as dry as a good sense of humor in a drizzle. No more post-walk towel-offs, just a happy, dry pup.

Twilight Bark? More Like Twilight Spark!

purple dog sweater

With those reflective strips, your pooch becomes a beacon of safety, shining brighter than your late-night fridge raid.

The ‘No Choke’ Vogue!

dog sweatshirt

The adjustable collar is the neck’s best friend, offering a fit that says “I’m comfy” instead of “I’m in a necktie all day.”

Zip ‘n Go!

dog jackets for small dogs with harness

The back zipper turns the dreaded doggy dress-up into a zip, clip, and go. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Size Matters, But Not Here!

From the tiniest teacup to the largest lapdog (in their mind), there’s a size for every breed, ensuring a fit that’s just right.

Polar Fleece for Polar Fun!

waterproof dog coat

The cozy polar fleece lining keeps your dog as warm as your last binge-watch session.

Stay-Put Snugness!

Elastic edging means this coat hugs your dog just right, so it stays put better than your aunt’s “famous” casserole at a family gathering.

Freedom to… Well, You Know!

small dog jacket

That high abdominal incision means your dog can do their business without any wardrobe malfunctions.

Color Their World!

Purple, red, blue – pick a coat that matches their personality or your favorite sports team. Go team!

“Snag the Swag!”

OUOBOB Dog Winter Jacket-Purple12

Why wait for the weather to make up its mind? Equip your furry sidekick with the WoofFluff Outdoor Dog Coat and watch them become the talk of the dog park. It’s time to say ‘adios’ to shivers and ‘hello’ to tail-wagging warmth. Don’t let another chilly day pass by without this stylish canine essential. Act now, because your dog’s comfort can’t wait for the forecast to change!

“The Techie Tail-Wagger’s Guide”

Here’s the scoop on the specs for the tech-savvy pup parents:

  • Material: Water-resistant outer layer with soft polar fleece inside
  • Visibility: Equipped with safety reflective strips
  • Collar: Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Closure: Convenient back zipper
  • Sizes: Available from small to large, fitting a variety of dog breeds
  • Colors: Choose from Purple, Red, Blue

Secure your dog’s comfort with style. Fetch this coat before it’s all scooped up!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Joseph Seldon
Excellent jacket for a great price!

If I could give this jacket ten stars, I would! I am so very pleased with my purchase. First, it arrived fast . Second, the size was perfect for my dog (we got the xxl for a 50 pound pit mix). Third, it appears well made...no stray threads, stitched very nicely with no gaps or defects. My dog loves it! He appears very comfortable. We live in Wisconsin and winters here are harsh, snowy and cold, so we have tried a variety of different jackets to protect our dog from the elements. Fourth, it is very easy to put on and take off. It is also reversible so it can protect against the elements. The design is great. The belly area is designed in such a way that boy's can go potty without pee'ing on the fabric. Would definitely recommend this jacket, and will definitely be buying another one in the future!

Louise Larson
A cold weather must for canine companion

Needed to get two of these in middle of winter. Dogs not going out as temps below zero in South Dakota. They seem light weight and have very strong velcro waist bands and collar attachment points. The jacket wraps around chest and most of belly area. My dogs get very excited each time I pull the jackets out. The jackets are clearly keeping the dogs warm and comfortable. The dogs will stay outside to play and exercise and precipitation has not been an issue. The jackets seem to repel moisture as the dogs always come in dry even in snow. Excellent design and product.

Jerry Sherrell
My dog LOVES her Jackets!

My dog is a Vizla-mix with no undercoat. So she needs a jacket to keep her warm. I bought two. One the "right" size and one a little bigger. The right size is for when she goes to the dog park to play, so the jacket is snug. One is a little bigger for when I need to put it quickly on before she goes into the back yard for a potty break in the rain. Because it's bigger, I can put it on over her sweater, so I don't have to take the sweater off first.

Rodney Boyer
inally something that fits my pup!

Finally something that fits my dog! Ordered a xl and it fits! Since he’s a pit/rot/boxer mix he has an huge chest, but isn’t very long or tall, but nothing I have found before has fit around him. The zip is strong and the stretch through the underside is great! It gets really cold where I live and his fur is very short and he never really gets that warm winter coat. I like that this jacket is light weight enough to probably still be used on chilly days in fall and spring, but I’m thinking it will be enough warmth for short snowy walks. As for the water proof we don’t get much rain. Would 100% purchase again! Possibly in other colors too!

Margaret Seymour
A great jacket for puppers

I ordered a size Large for my 6 month old, 33lb puppy. We recently rescued her and were told she was emanciated from being abandoned and starved. With the cold weather, we wanted to make sure she stayed warm on our walks, and this coat is amazing!!! She does not mind putting it on, and it’s so easy to put on her! The coat is super cute on both sides and definitely keeps her warm on our outings. Definitely recommend buying this!! If we need to size up when she gets bigger, I’m definitely buying from this one again!