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PupPlush All-Size Fit Dog Coat – Adjustable, Reflective and Weatherproof Jacket with Fleece-Lined Protection and Back Leash Hook

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PupPlush All-Size Fit Dog Coat – Adjustable, Reflective and Weatherproof Jacket with Fleece-Lined Protection and Back Leash Hook

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Hey there, fellow chilly dog walker! Let me paint a picture for you: it’s a brisk morning, and while you’re bundled up like an Eskimo, your pooch is out there shivering like a leaf in a blizzard. Enter the PupPlush All-Size Fit Dog Coat – it’s like a personal bubble of toasty heaven for your pup.

Imagine a coat so warm and cozy, your fur baby might just mistake it for a cuddle session. It’s not just a jacket; it’s a backstage pass to comfort-ville, with a side of safety and a dash of ‘heck yes, I look good!’ Reflective? Check. Weatherproof? Double-check. Adjustable for the perfect fit? You bet your last treat. It’s the kind of coat that makes your dog wag their tail so hard, they’re practically helicopter-ready. Ready to be the hero your dog thinks you are?

Size Does Matter, and We’ve Got ‘Em All!

From the tiniest terrier to the grandest Great Dane, find the perfect fit with sizes from S to 3XL. It’s like a bespoke suit; every dog gets to strut their stuff, feeling snug and looking sharp.

Hook, Line, and Sinker!

The back leash hook is a game-changer – just clip on the leash and you’re ready for that moonlit stroll. It’s all the convenience without any of the fuss.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

Reflective stripes make your fur buddy the star of the night, keeping them safe and seen during those after-dark adventures.

Bundle Up, Buttercup!

With insulating materials, this coat isn’t just a fashion piece, it’s a warm hug on a cold day. Your pooch won’t just be walking—they’ll be waltzing in warmth.

Plush Neck Love

Thick rabbit plush fabric lining the collar? It’s like a neck warmer and luxury scarf had a puppy, offering unmatched warmth around the neckline.

Weather the Storm

The waterproof PVC layer makes this coat the canine equivalent of an umbrella. Rain, sleet, or snow, your doggo will be the driest pup on the block.

Zip Up and Go!

With a back zipper design, it’s on and off in a flash – less time dressing, more time playing. It’s the convenience you didn’t know you needed.

Fit for a King (or Queen)

Adjustable fasteners mean this coat adjusts to your dog’s royal physique. A perfect fit means a happy, comfortable monarch of the backyard.

Fashionably Fierce

Choose between Brown or Red to match your dog’s personal style. After all, a dog’s got to look good while they conquer the great outdoors.

“Wrap Your Pup in Comfort!”

Don’t let your dog’s wag turn into a shiver! Grab the PupPlush All-Size Fit Dog Coat today and ensure your furry friend struts into the cold with confidence. This coat isn’t just a piece of fabric; it’s the armor against the elements, the beacon in the night, and the fashion statement on the sidewalk. Why wait for the chill to bite when you can shield your pup now? Stocks are cozy, just like the coat, but they won’t last forever – snag yours today!

“The Nitty-Gritty on the PupPlush”

Every stitch, every strap, every square inch of the PupPlush is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind:

  • Sizes: S to 3XL, for every breed
  • Leash Attachment: Conveniently placed on the back
  • Visibility: Safety-first reflective stripes
  • Material: Warm, insulating fabric for those chilly days
  • Collar: Lined with luxurious rabbit plush fabric
  • Outer Layer: Water and wind-resistant PVC
  • Back Zipper: For hassle-free wearing
  • Adjustability: Customizable fasteners for the perfect fit
  • Colors: Available in Brown and Red

Lock in that warmth for your pup with a click! Your best friend’s winter joy starts here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emily Lewis

Never review items but I love this jacket! Lots of compliments too. I needed something that would slip over my pup's head easily so the dog walker could get it on him - but now it's our go to jacket and the only one he uses in the fall/winter. Super easy for me and the dog walker to slip on and off for a quick walk outside in freezing temps. Great to use with or without harness which is helpful for his harness seatbelt in the car so he can stay warm and safe. My dog is a 10lb chihuahua mix, size S. Easily adjustable straps. Roomy enough to run on the beach or trails, but snug enough to keep warm. I can even layer with sweaters for those really cold days.so he would stay safe on trails during hunting season, but I'm ordering another so he won't have to look like a dude bro hunter year round.

Awesome so far

Have only had it for a couple days but love it so far it’s adjustable, warm, waterproof, and reflective my dogs a smaller pit mix he’s about 50lbs but with a wide neck and chest I sized up and got and XL because the adjustable straps and was hoping it would add some extra length and cover his butt I’m happy I did cause it does I love that I can pull up the collar and it’ll cover his ears for the most part also works great over a harness

Mia White
Well made and adorable!!!!!

This is a great jacket for your dog. I bought size large for our 16 pound, mini poodle, Shih Tzu, Chi mix and it fit PERFECT!!! He's got kind of a long body for a little guy and it went all the way to his tail to keep him warm. It closes with velcro and they didn't skimp on the velco...nice big closures and has the little hole on top for his leash to clip through. I was also happy to learn that it is double sided so that he can wear the flannel plaid in the fall and the ski jacket material for rain/snow. We and our little guy love it!!!

it makes awesome products!! Our second coat and they're awesome!!

This is my pups second coat and we love them both!! He has gained a lil weight, so this one fits a lil better bc it only goes seeing his neck and belly... not his legs. He is short haired so he loves his coats in the winter! Also, i Don't have to worry about him peeing on this one lol! I have to size up a scent bit bc my dog is part pit and he's muscular so some of his clothes I gotta pull up if he goes to the bathroom but this one is perfect!! I love your products and I hope you make more dog clothes!!! Little dogs have way more options and is just not fair!!

Ava Wright
Fits like a glove

This is the best fitting jacket I've ever bought for my Yorkie. He is on the big side of Yorkies weighing in at 15 lb and he is long. I bought him a size medium that's what they suggested according to his measurements. And it fits perfectly. It's nice and warm too. He actually likes to wear around the house to keep him warm. The underside is waterproof so he has been kept nice and dry even in the rain.