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FuzzoCoat Reflective Warm Jacket For Winter

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FuzzoCoat Reflective Warm Jacket For Winter

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

The Best Jacket for Your Furry Babies During Winter Time!

The cold weather may stop your dog from exploring the outdoors completely. Even though they may be covered in fur. dogs still are very susceptible to cold. A warm, snug coat can help your furbabies still have fun outdoors even the temperatures have dropped. The FuzzyCoat protects your dog from cold bites, and gives extra warmth to their bodies when they need to go outside for exercise or play. 

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Product Details

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Key Benefits

  • Gives Total Warmth for Your Furbabies – The FuzzyCoat features a fleece-lined water-resistant jacket/vest that prepares your pet for any winter adventure. Whether you’re going for a walk or winter hike, the durable, yet warm material will keep your pooch comfortable and warm. The collar is also fleece lined and can be tightened to keep the cold wind out. Warmer feeling for your dogs, complete peace of mind for you. 
  • High Visibility Reflective Sides for Extra Protection for Your Pets – Do you walk your dog during the evening or dusk hours? We’ve designed our jacket for maximum visibility with dual reflective stripes along the sides of the jacket. This provides better visibility when there isn’t enough light. 
  • Easy to Put On, Easy to Remove – The FuzzyCoat features a lined zipper that is designed to keep fur from getting caught between the zippers. Simply slide your dog’s two front paws through the openings and zip the jacket closed. Taking the jacket off is just as easy with the simple pull of the zipper.
  • Leash Pass-Through – Going for a walk? The pass-through system on our jacket makes it easy to attach your leash with minimum fuss.
  • Easy Care – We know dogs like to get down and dirty. When it comes time to wash your jacket, simply throw it in machine wash with cold water and no bleach.
  • Perfect Fit – We’ve tailored our jackets to fit most sizes of dogs. We have a handy size chart to help you find the correct size for your pup! Please refer to the size chart in the photo gallery.

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Size chart

Tips: As the size is measured manually, there will be an error of 1-3cm, please forgive.

The value of the neck circumference is the normal maximum size

Products include: A Reflective  Jacket

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ruth mitchell
Perfect Fit !!

Appreciate the large reflective safety stripes, warm fleece lining and waterproof full body coverage .... Quality at a very reasonable price!

Joshua Sherman
Great quality jacket for cold days

This is the backup jacket for our dog. I've used this for about 8 weeks and it has held up well. Our dog is very active and I haven't noticed any rubbing or lost fur. The outer shell material sheds snow well.. not sure how waterproof it actually is.--The jacket is well made and with quality materials.--Nice reflective stripes and piping..

Jose Butler
Keeps you really warm

Am thrilled ! Dog coat can be put on in no time thanks to the zipper. Leash can be attached to the back through the small opening in the coat. It even worked with dishes underneath. It is a bit too long and goes over the tail which my bitch doesn't bother. It is also good that you can tighten the collar with an elastic band on the neck so that the wind doesn't blow in so much. After a cold, windy walk I felt under my coat whether it was warm and actually. Belly and back cozy and warm. Snout, feet ice cold. So everything is wonderful. Material and workmanship are great. Price performance completely in order!

Ora McGriff
Would recommend.

I bought a 4xl for a border collie who weighs 16kg and is 51cm at the withers. This seems to be a good size for her though there is room for a bit of growth, she is quite slim though. Seems well made and she has no problem getting into it with no restrictions in her movements.

Joey Maloney

Sometimes a jacket that is long enough around the back, even if you have a Beagle of the old series the length of a limousine and with the zipper on the back there is no sand in the gear when chilling out on the beach