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PupFection Dog Nail Grinder – Best Electric Dog Nail Clippers for Safe Nail Trimming

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PupFection Dog Nail Grinder – Best Electric Dog Nail Clippers for Safe Nail Trimming

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Don’t Worry About Shear Bleeding Anymore
Here’s a Safe Option for Your Pets.

Are you terrified every time you need to trim your pet’s nails? Although a well-trimmed paw is essential for your dogs, using a dog nail grinder can be terrifying! Dogs deserve the best care – without the pain! If you are a pet owner and you want to make nail grooming pain-free for your pet, and stress-free for you, one essential to keep in your pet grooming set is the PawrFection dog nail grinder!

Upgraded Motor and 2 Running Speed

The PawrFection dog nail grinder comes with a top-notch, high-quality motor that is powerful than its counterparts. This dog nail grinder comes with a torque that can be set up to 40 dB to efficiently groom your pets’ nails without needing to deal with uneven cats and dull edges.

The new PawrFection is great for both grown-up dogs and puppies. The dog nail grinder comes with 2 different rotation speeds based on the grinding tolerance of your dog. You can go all gentle on your puppies’ nails, and you will have enough power for your older dogs’ hardened nails.

Three Size Ports For All Kinds of Paws

The PawrFection dog nail grinder comes with 3 ports for different sized nails. You can always find a slot ideal for your pet’s paw size and their nail characteristic. Our dog nail grinder for large dogs can also be used on small dogs, cats, rabbits, and other kinds of pets with claws. Versatility is the middle name of PawrFection.

Long Battery Life and USB Rechargeable

This dog nail trimmer is rechargeable and equipped with a USB charging cable to ensure you that it’s always powered up and ready for your nail trimming sessions. The PawrFection dog nail clippers are completely wireless – you won’t have to deal with unruly, tangled wires. The three indicator light states different working states – the light turns blue when working, turns red when charging, turns green when fully charged.

When it’s fully charged, the dog nail trimmer works for up to 7 hours.

Low Noises and Painless Experience

Our electric pet nail grinder will avoid over-cutting a dog’s nails and hurting your pets compared with a manual clipper. Nail trimming is already anxiety-triggering for your dogs, so it’s important to choose a device that’s really gentle and less intrusive. The sound coming from the device will be less than 50db, it can protect your pets from fear, anxiety, and antipathy. Low noises and low vibration will bring great comfort to your dog.


  • Battery: Built-in battery
  • Charging mode: USB Charging
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Battery life: 7 hours
  • Shell material: ABS
  • Power: 2W
  • Voltage range: 5V

Package Included

  • 1x  Dog Nail Grinder
  • 1x USB Charge Cable
  • 1x Package Box
  • 1x user manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Jose J. washington
Excitedly surprised!

I have a full grown Doberman with gnarly sized claws! I was nervous about the grinder but that thing seriously works magic! The clippers could be a bit better and sharper but I just give it to the fact that my dog ​​just has really thick claws. Overall great product highly recommend for large dogs!

pamila J. Shell
It's a relaxing SPA for dog

In this photo you can see, how my Foxy, who is shy and fearful, is checking out brand new PupFection grinder. The grinder is as silent as anticipated. I have no means to check the sound level, but the fact that Foxy was curious about new grinder and brave enough to come to it, I started to expect that there will be no issues grinding. For me it was important that she would feel comfortable, therefore, we took our time, few days, before we actually used grinder for purpose. The advices on manufacturers website were useful for us. Few weeks has passed and now nail grinding for her is like relaxing SPA procedure for my Foxy and no stress for me. Thank you !

dorothy T. roberts
I really like it!

The noise level is great. I haven't been able to clip my dog's nails for a long time because my puppy is afraid of everything. So I wasn't sure this grinder would work. I got this yesterday and I got her all nails trimmed in 5 minutes. It's also pretty quiet and easy to use!

Jean L. hasler
perfect for our pups

Started out just turning it on with the safety cap in place and then rubbing it all over the pups. One wanted to bite it but couldn't get her teeth into the round plastic. After letting them play with it a few days, I opened it and worked on front paws. Both pups allowed it and were not frightened by the noise or vibration. It is not very loud. It did a good job on those sharp puppy claws. My 2 girls are 6 month old Boston Terriers. Definitely would buy it again.

William M. goff
This nail grinder is effective and very easy to use!

My dog does pretty well with a traditional clipper, but he has some nails that are black, so I can’t see where the vein is. If you cut that vein, it will be painfully bloody. You really can’t do that with this product. The nails also end up nice and smooth, instead of sharp and rigid. It only took a couple minutes for my pooch to get used to the sound and feel of the grinder. Be aware that using the grinder creates some saw dust, but it accumulates in an easy pile to vacuum or wipe up. I did all my pup’s nails on not even a full charge, so the battery is excellent. Would definitely recommend!