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DoDoPull Dog Harness With Reflective Design and Non-Pull Technology

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

DoDoPull Dog Harness With Reflective Design and Non-Pull Technology

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Your dog’s safety and comfort anywhere you go—that’s the DoDoPull. This innovative dog harness creates a soft and tension-less leash for a stress-free and relaxing walk in the park for your dog and you. The design is all about maintaining a secure fit harness that’s pleasant to the dog’s furs to prevent hazards like rope burns, lacerations, etc.

The DoDoPull takes advantage of a no-pull technology to easily wrap and adjust the harness to your dog’s chest. This feature helps dog owners a lot when securing their pet’s leash, especially if they feel stressed about wearing one. Moreover, the entire harness is made of hazard-free materials to ensure that the dog is safe while walking or running.

With DoDoPull, your pets will absolutely enjoy every moment spent outdoors because they feel at ease and move freely.


  • Non-pull design: the no-pull harness relieves the strain on your dog’s neck. The dog harness improves the tensile force from the dog’s neck. The tensile force is distributed evenly across the whole body and allows your dog to move freely.
  • Reflective design: with the eye-catching reflective strips on the leash and the circumference of the chest harness, you and others can immediately see your dog on the road at night. This keeps your dog safe wherever you may go.
  • Uses: you can attach the leash directly to the 2 sturdy D-rings on the front and back, then walk or jog with your dog. The dog harness can also be used as a travel harness since it also allows you to secure your dog in the car.
  • High-quality material: the puppy harness is made of high-quality and durable Oxford material. The chest harness can be washed by hand or washing machine.
  • Easy to put on and take off: the no-pull chest harness with adjustable straps is easy and quick to put on and take off. Fully adjustable straps on the neck and chest allow a better fit for your dog.
  • Optimal size: it offers a perfect fit for cats and small to medium-sized dogs, from puppies to adult dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors, German Shepherds, etc. Chest circumference x neck circumference: S: 33-62 x 30-42 cm, M: 39-67 x 34-50 cm, L: 45-80 x 36-56 cm, XL: 50-89 x 48-70 cm

Make the Outdoors a Comfortable Place For Your Pets

The DoDoPull has three essential features that help secure your pets outdoors while on a leash: Oxford Cloth, Mesh Lining, and Elastic Band. The fabric used to create the DoDoPull is made of Oxford Cloth, known for its durable and lightweight properties. Along with the DoDoPull’s mesh lining, it helps ensure that the harness stays fit, breathable, and comfortable. On the other hand, the Elastic Band fitted in the harness creates additional comfort for your pets. When your pet gets too excited or pulling too hard, it eases the tension to prevent stress.


  • Step 1: Place the strap of the harness over your dog’s head.
  • Step 2: Organise the strap. Then fasten the buckle.
  • Step 3: Adjust the strap according to the neck circumference of the dog
  • Step 4: Adjust the strap according to the dog’s chest circumference

Comfort in Style

The DoDoPull comes in different styles to make your dog and cat the star of the park. The design also complements the safety features so that it looks pleasing to the eyes and not some cheap-looking harness that breaks easily. It is also fitted with a reflective design for added security, especially at night. Sometimes, we want our pets to run around freely but feared they’ll be lost on their way back to you. With the eye-catching reflective design, you can spot your pet right away, no matter what time of the day.

Package includes:

  • 1*dog harness