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WarmWoof Adjustable Dog Heating Pad – UL Certified, Medium to Large Size, Safe for Dogs, 5 Temperature Levels, Waterproof, Chew-Resistant Cord, Machine Washable Cover

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

WarmWoof Adjustable Dog Heating Pad – UL Certified, Medium to Large Size, Safe for Dogs, 5 Temperature Levels, Waterproof, Chew-Resistant Cord, Machine Washable Cover

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Picture this: It’s a chilly winter night, and while you’re snuggled up under a cozy blanket, your furry best friend is giving you those puppy eyes, silently pleading for some warmth. Enter the WarmWoof Adjustable Dog Heating Pad, a true game-changer for pet comfort during those frosty evenings!

This isn’t just any old pet pad. Imagine a world where you can dial in the perfect toasty setting for your pooch, with five temperature levels to choose from. That’s right, whether your dog is a ‘likes it warm’ kind of guy or a ‘craves tropical heat’ gal, there’s a setting for every preference. And let’s talk safety – this pad isn’t just warm, it’s smart. With UL certification and a chew-resistant cord, it’s like the Fort Knox of dog heating pads. No more worrying about your curious muncher turning their new bed into a chew toy.

So, why is the WarmWoof the perfect match for your pet? It’s simple. This heating pad combines the cozy comfort your dog dreams of with the safety and quality you demand. Plus, it’s like giving your pet a warm hug, even when you’re not there. Now that’s what I call a win-win in the pet parenting world!

Size Does Matter

When it comes to comfort, size is a big deal! This 24″ x 18″ pad is like a spacious studio apartment for your furball. Perfect for medium to large pets, it’s roomy enough for them to sprawl out, roll over, or curl up in cozy bliss.

Dial Up the Warmth

With 5 adjustable temperature settings, it’s like having a thermostat for your pet’s bed. Whether your pup prefers a gentle warmth or a toasty haven, you can customize the heat to their liking. It’s the perfect way to pamper them on those nippy nights.

Safety First, No ‘Ifs’ or ‘Butts’

UL certified and with a low voltage design, this pad is safer than a pup in a blanket fort. Plus, the chew-resistant cord means even the most mischievous nibbler won’t turn their bed into a snack.

Waterproof Wonders

Spills? Accidents? No problem! The pad’s waterproof design makes clean-up a breeze. It’s like having a superpower against messes, keeping your pet’s resting spot pristine.

Laundry Day? Easy Peasy!

The machine-washable cover is a dream come true. Just pop it in the wash and voilà – it’s like getting a brand-new bed, without the shopping.

Keeping an Eye on Comfort

The LED temperature display isn’t just for show; it’s your command center for ensuring your pet’s ultimate comfort. Like being a pet comfort scientist, you get to experiment and find that ‘just-right’ setting.

The Goldilocks Zone for Pets

With recommended settings based on pet body temperatures, you’re not just warming a bed; you’re creating a tailored comfort zone. It’s like giving your pet a personalized climate bubble – not too hot, not too cold, just perfect.

There you have it – a pet bed that’s more like a luxury retreat for your furry friend. It’s not just a bed; it’s an experience, a way to say ‘I love you’ without words. Now, who wouldn’t want that for their four-legged family member? 🐾✨

Seize the Snuggle!

Don’t let another chilly night pass by without the WarmWoof Adjustable Dog Heating Pad. Imagine the tail wags and happy snoozes that await! This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in your pet’s comfort and happiness. And let’s be real, who can put a price on that? Don’t wait for the next cold snap to remind you – act now! Your furry friend’s cozy winter haven is just a click away. Remember, a warm pet is a happy pet, and a happy pet makes for a happy home.

Tech Specs Unleashed

For those who geek out over the details, here’s the lowdown on the WarmWoof Heating Pad:

  • Size: 24″ x 18″ – Spacious comfort for medium to large pets.
  • Adjustable Temperatures: Ranging from 77℉ to 131℉, tailored to your pet’s preference.
  • Safety Certifications: UL certified, ensuring top-notch safety standards.
  • Power: 75W, efficient and pet-friendly.
  • Materials: Durable, waterproof PVC material with a machine-washable cover.
  • Extra Features: Chew-resistant cord, LED temperature display for easy monitoring.
  • Optimal Usage Tips: Don’t cover the pad for maximum efficiency; ideal temp range is 97-109.5℉.

There you have it – the perfect blend of cozy comfort, safety, and cutting-edge design. Your pet’s new favorite spot is just a few clicks away. Don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade their relaxation game! 🐕💤✨

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Megan Calabrese
Pets love this!

I have a dog who insists on staying outside on the deck and this is wonderful on cold days. He would sit there shivering and still refuse to come in. I was worried he'd ignore the heating pad but he loves sitting on it. The problem is the cat loves it too, when she's outside, and when we got her, we trained the dog to leave her alone, so he lets her get away with it :) I had to clean the cover and it's pretty easy; much better than a pad without a cover. My dog is not a chewer, so I can't comment on the "chew proof" rating. Highly recommend.

Opal Colby
the cat LOVES them

My home office is an back bedroom which is pretty chilly. My new office mate is an elderly cat. I put him in her with me when he was sick and I needed to keep an eye on him. He has been well for months now, but he doesn't want to leave the office and go back to sharing the house with the other cat and the dog. Frequent snoozing on my lap or on top of my mouse hand is a good way for him to keep warm, but it was really cutting into my work productivity. I bought a couple of these pads as an alternative--one for his bed and one for his favorite perch atop the bookshelf--and the cat LOVES them. Temperature is easy to adjust and the cord is thick and chew-proof.

Francis Brundage
Best decision ever!

I purchased two for my 9 year old dog and I am so happy I did. He has one for his bed in the living room and one for his bed in my bedroom. He needs another one for our office, since he goes to work with me everyday. He had ACL surgery last January 2020 and he already suffered from stiff joints. Since he has had these heating pads, he wakes up without limping and popping in his joints. So glad the heating pads along with his Purina Joint Care dog food and fruitables joint care treats, he is feeling like a young pup again. We love it and so does Sparky.

George Braun
Works like a charm!

We just received this product two days ago. Let me explain why I ordered it. My 14 year old Jack Russell and I just moved from Florida to Oklahoma. She has never experienced cold weather and does not understand what is happening. She used to sleep on my bed and let me tuck her in with a blanket, but she has gotten old and often cranky and won't let me handle her, freaks out! She has a special dog bed with layers of blankets that lays on the floor next to my bed, but her fur felt cold when I felt her at night. Keeping the space heater on was too hot for me. I tried using a heating pad for a few days and she seemed to like it, but I knew it wasn't safe for her. This one won't overheat and the information says it will never get hotter than her body temperature. It is cool to the touch but once you place your hand on it for a few minutes, you can feel the heat. I cover it with a very thin blanket for her to sleep on. She seems quite happy and warm (and she's usually rather cranky being so old) and loves to lay on it. The best part though is that it will not burn her or overheat, as we know they can't tell us if it's too hot and could get hurt, but I know she will now be safe and warm.

Nancy Roybal
Keeps my old dog warm on chilly nights!

It is a good size for my dog to keep his whole old body warm. We keep our home at about 55 degrees at night and our old dog used to come get into bed with us at night to stay warm. However his old bones now at the age of 17 can't maneuver the stairs as well. So he was staying in his bed by the electric heater. I don't like keeping the electric heater on 24/7 as I am afraid the outlet would overheat and catch fire at some point. This pad is perfect to keep him warm during the chilly nights. I put it between layers of blanket with one layer between him and the pad. He snuggles in and curls up. I set it at (if your blanket is thinner you may want to lower the temp or if your pet has thicker fur). When he sees me, he gets up for his morning routine and I feel his fur and it is warm. I unplug it and turn on the space heater to be on while I am around. It is my belief that keeping any heating device plugged in all the time may not be the best idea in general. But this works for his and my needs after it only being a few days.... I am glad I bought it. And the price was reasonable.