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ComfyCrate Cozy Dog Heating Pad – USB Powered, Adjustable Temperature, Auto Power-Off, Chew-Resistant, , Safe for Small Animals

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

ComfyCrate Cozy Dog Heating Pad – USB Powered, Adjustable Temperature, Auto Power-Off, Chew-Resistant, , Safe for Small Animals

In Stock · FREE Shipping!



Imagine it’s a chilly evening, and there’s a tiny, shivering bundle of fur at your feet – your beloved pet, looking up at you with those big, soulful eyes. That’s where the ComfyCrate Cozy Dog Heating Pad swoops in like a superhero! It’s not just a heating pad; it’s a warm embrace in the form of a cozy, snug haven for your pint-sized pal.

Think of it as the ultimate comfort upgrade for your pet’s lounging experience. With its USB-powered convenience and adjustable temperature settings, it’s like giving your furry friend a first-class ticket to Toasty Town. It’s safe, it’s cozy, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty darn cool. So, why settle for a regular pet bed when you can offer a warm, comfy sanctuary that’ll make those cold nights a thing of the past? Let’s dive into why the ComfyCrate is the paw-fect match for your little buddy! 🐾🔥✨

Perfect Size for Petite Pals

This cozy pad isn’t just a heating mat; it’s a custom-sized paradise for your small-sized buddy. At 17.7×17.7 inches, it’s the ideal snug spot for your cat, small dog, or even a bunny!

Waterproof Wonders

Spills? Accidents? No worries! The waterproof design means you can keep the pad clean and comfy without any hassle. It’s like a superhero shield against messes.

Safety Comes First”

With features like a flame-retardant design and a built-in temperature sensor, this pad doesn’t just warm; it protects. It’s like a cozy guardian angel for your pet.

Chew-Proof and Worry-Free

Got a chewer on your hands? The chew-resistant cord means your pet can enjoy their warm haven without turning it into a chew toy.

Customizable Comfort

9 temperature modes? That’s like having a personal thermostat for your pet’s bed. Tailor the warmth to their liking and watch them melt into a puddle of contentment.

Power Off? No Problem!

Auto power-off feature adds to your peace of mind, ensuring safety and saving energy. It’s like having an invisible butler who turns off the lights when you forget. 🐾🔆✨

Snuggle Up – It’s Time to Upgrade Your Pet’s Comfort!

Don’t let your furry friend spend one more day without the ultimate comfort of the ComfyCrate Cozy Dog Heating Pad. Imagine the joy and relaxation they’ll experience in their new warm haven. It’s a small change for you, but a world of difference for them. Act now – your pet’s cozy, safe, and happy place is just a click away. Remember, happy pets make happy homes, and there’s no better time than now to bring that extra bit of joy into your life. Your little companion deserves it!

Tech Specs Decoded
For the tech-savvy pet owners out there, here’s the lowdown on the ComfyCrate Cozy Heating Pad:

  • Size: 17.7x 17.7 inches – Ideal for small pets.
  • Material: Durable, waterproof fabric for easy cleaning.
  • Heating Features: Layer of thermal insert; 9 temperature settings from 30℃ to 50℃.
  • Safety Measures: Soft PVC envelope, flame-retardant, with a temperature sensor to prevent overheating.
  • Additional Safety: Chew-resistant cord for those playful nibblers.
  • Power: USB powered for convenience and portability.

Gear up for a cozy, worry-free experience for your beloved small pet. 🐾🌡️💤✨

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Richard Bowman
Nice product!

This is a great value, especially for a large dog. The low setting makes this mat feel like a spot in the sun! It is not "hot" but a comforting warm spot for your dog to enjoy. We ordered two and have tested them out during the day for hours with supervision to make sure there was no safety issue. I suggest everyone do the same for any product you plan to leave on for hours. My dog does not necessarily appreciate the slick surface, but that is easily resolved by putting one of her thin doggie blankets on it.

David Ford
It’s Perfect for Newborns!

This heating pad is perfect for my dog and her newborns! They are very content and cozy ! We live in Ohio so it’s cold already. This pad has eased my mind immensely as this corner of the room is usually chilly. I have a space heater on them too. Once I put a soft blanket over the pad, it was fine. I recommend using the low temperature instead of high because high is very very warm and too much for newborns. I was able to wipe it off after she gave birth on it and it came right off! It’s super easy to clean. The little paw prints that is has on it are just an adorable added touch. This is a must-have if you live in a colder climate.

Nancy Hernandez
Highly recommend!

I used this heating pad all winter in my large pet create, that I made into a shelter for my outside cats, on my back porch & it worked great! Also, it took a little time for my cats to understand that it was a warm shelter for them, but after a little while they were using it & I would often see 2 cats snuggled together in there! But I have 3 outside cats & 2 are males so I'll make another warm shelter before next winter, & I will order this same heating pad again!

Kathryn Ashworth
Outdoor pets love it

7 cats pile up on this mat at night inside a large cardboard shipping box! Bought mainly for 14 yr old cat & 1 younger, arthritic cat. We have multiple barn style doghouses for suggested use of pad, but they choose cardboard boxes over those. Layered the bottom with extra cardboard, placed mat inside, then added flannel sheet to cover the pad. Ran cord through hand opening on side of box to keep it off ground & tucked controls inside a flap to keep from exposure.Not using the outdoor outlet we preferred, but other was too far to reach cord. Leave it on low setting overnight & sometimes use during day when temps are 30 degrees or lower. Had it in use less than 2 weeks at this time. Hoping it lasts the season.

Shirley Taylor
great Pad

I placed the mat onto a large wooden shelf underneath a custom-made picnic table located at our backyard patio. The shelf is about 10" off the ground and is well protected from wind, rain and snow. The mat worked great - right out of the box. My (4) feral cats seem to be liking it very much. I can tell that they can actually appreciate the little bit of warmth underneath their feet and bellies. We all are hoping that this mat will be holding up for a few winters.
The heating pad is still working well after two months of continuous use 24 - 7. I just purchased a second, identical pad to make sure I have a backup - just in case.