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SnuggleBuddy Deluxe Dog and Cat Heating Pad – Waterproof, Customizable Heat, Auto Power-Off, Chew-Safe Cord, Washable Cover, Safe for Pets

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

SnuggleBuddy Deluxe Dog and Cat Heating Pad – Waterproof, Customizable Heat, Auto Power-Off, Chew-Safe Cord, Washable Cover, Safe for Pets

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

pet heating pad

Have you ever watched your fur baby shiver on a cold night and wished you could do more? Well, the SnuggleBuddy Deluxe Dog and Cat Heating Pad is here to turn those shivers into purrs and tail wags! It’s like a personal spa day for your pet, every day.

This isn’t just a heating pad; it’s a ticket to Comfortville. With customizable heat settings, it’s as if you’re telling your pet, “Hey buddy, pick your cozy!” Whether they’re a delicate kitty who likes a gentle warm-up or a tough doggo who prefers full-on toastiness, this pad has got them covered. And it’s not just about warmth; it’s about safety and convenience too. Chew-safe cord? Check. Washable cover? Absolutely. Auto power-off? You bet. This pad is like the Swiss Army knife of pet comfort – it’s got everything you need to keep your four-legged friends happy and cozy. So, let’s dive into why the SnuggleBuddy is the superhero your pet deserves! 🐾🔥✨

Tailor-Made Toastiness

No more one-size-fits-all solutions! With 6 adjustable heat settings, your pet can find their perfect snuggle sweet spot. It’s like having a personal thermostat for their lounging pleasure.

Set It and Forget It

Thanks to the smart timer, you can set the pad to turn off automatically after 4, 8, 12, or 24 hours. Perfect for those busy days when you can’t be there to switch it off. It’s like having a pet-sitter built into the heating pad!

Bite-Proof Peace of Mind

The chew-resistant cord means even the most enthusiastic chewers won’t turn this pad into their new favorite toy. It’s durable, safe, and gives you one less thing to worry about.

Laundry Day, the Easy Way

The removable, machine-washable cover makes cleaning a breeze. Spills, dirt, pet hair? No problem! It’s as easy as wash, dry, and replace.

Quick Heat, Safe Heat

The pad heats up quickly but safely, with a multi-layer structure and built-in temperature sensor to prevent overheating. It’s like a warm hug for your pet that’s always at the right temperature.

Safety Meets Comfort

pet heating pad

Waterproof and flame-retardant materials ensure the pad is safe and cozy. Your pet gets to enjoy their warm spot without any safety compromises.

Comfort for All Seasons

This isn’t just a winter wonder. It’s perfect for newborn puppies, pregnant pets, or older pets with joint pain, offering comfort and warmth whenever they need it.

Worry-Free Warranty

With great customer support and a hassle-free refund or replacement policy, you can rest easy knowing your purchase is protected. It’s like a safety net for your pet’s comfort! 🐾🌡️✨

Warmth Awaits – Grab It Now!

Why wait for another cold night to remember the comfort your pet could be enjoying right now? The SnuggleBuddy Deluxe Heating Pad is not just a product; it’s a warm embrace for your furry friend. This is your chance to elevate your pet care game. Don’t let your pet spend one more night without the cozy, safe warmth they deserve. Act now, because your pet’s comfort can’t wait – and neither should you! Remember, a warm pet is a content pet, and a content pet makes everything better.

Technical Specs – The Inner Workings

Let’s geek out a bit over what makes the SnuggleBuddy Deluxe a must-have:

  • Adjustable Temperature: 6 settings (86-131℉/30-55℃).
  • Smart Timer: 4 options (4h, 8h, 12h, 24h) with auto shut-off.
  • Chew Resistant Cord: Made with durable stainless steel.
  • Machine Washable Cover: Easy to remove and clean.
  • Rapid, Safe Heating: Multi-layer protection and built-in temperature sensor.
  • Materials: Waterproof, flame-retardant soft PVC inner pad.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for all pets – puppies, kittens, older pets, and even those with joint pain.

There you have it, a detailed rundown of your pet’s new favorite spot. Ready to give them the gift of warmth? 🐱🔥🐶✨

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stanley Norden
My dog loves it, and the temperature control is very flexible.

I've used regular heating pads in the past for my dog, but I usually had to put them under blankets, because they tended to be too hot. This heating pad offers a variety of low temperatures, so I can make it just warm enough. Although cord chewing isn't something my dog does, I can't imagine it would ever be an issue for anyone because it is fairly well coated. The surface of the pad is soft and comfortable -- I found I didn't need to put anything on top of it. I'm very satisfied with my purchase!

Terry Buck
perfect warmth

Our little wiener dog loves this heated pad in her crate. We heat by a fireplace and have very little heat under the house so she get rather cold down on the floor. In the past we layered blankets under her crate to keep her up off the floor, but now we just have the heated pad in her crate under her little bed an she’s nice and warm. She’s a happy little girl when its all reset and she hops in and gets comfy. We’ve had this now for about a month and a half or more and its had no issues. The pad itself is in the provided cloth case and sits flat under her little bed and the cord feeds through the back of the crate holding her bed and its plugged directly into the wall. Very happy with this heating pad for dogs!

Anthony Wessel
Easy to set, works great

Great heating pad for our dog inside her igloo style dog house to keep the wind off her. Arrived just in time for the cold snap that has moved into our area. Supposed to be a little below freezing soon for just a day or so but fairly cool on several other days. She loves her new heated sleeping pad. I do not think we will be needing the highest temperature, just high enough to keep her comfortable. Easy to adjust the heating cycle and the temperature.

Ronald Lambdin
Great Purchase!

This pad was a great purchase! We had a litter of small puppies born on January 14. Initially, we turned the heat up in the house and used hot water bottles around the puppies, but they still huddled together for warmth. Using this pad on 3, we could turn the home's heat back down and ditch the hot water bottles. And we know the puppies were warm and happy because they began to sleep all sprawled out. It also washed up quickly (I threw the cover in the wash and wiped the pad with sanitizer), and even though they tried to chew the cord, they couldn't do any damage.

Barbara Brummett
So awesome I went and bought another.

I originally bought this for my feral kitties staying in my attached room to the house. I use rhe timer for every 12 hours and doesn't get too hot and my furry friends don't freeze. I ended up getting another one for my pitbul who sleeps on the couch. I always feel bad for kicking him out of our bed at night. See, he is a snuggler and loves to curl up next to me and get under the blankets. This heating pad under the blanket is the next best thing!