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PawFloat Dog Life Jacket, Dog Life Vest for Swimming, Beach Boating

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

PawFloat Dog Life Jacket, Dog Life Vest for Swimming, Beach Boating

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

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It has been proven that exercise makes dogs smarter, happier, healthier, and more alert. Their time in the outdoors exercising their physical and mental energies can benefit them in the long run. One of the most recommended exercises for dogs is swimming – an activity that can greatly train their stamina, and their cardiovascular system. However, keeping dogs safe in the water can be tricky. Fortunately, there’s PawFloat, a high-quality dog life jacket that will help keep your furbabies safe while they swim. 

The PawFloat is created with your doggos in mind – it provides everything water-loving dogs need to make a splash during playtime, like buoyancy to keep them confidently afloat, a snug yet comfy fit so they can move freely while they play, and safety features to keep them secure in any aquatic environment.


The PawFloat comes with an updated design that makes this swimming vest for dogs more comfortable, durable, breathable, and 100% safe.


Design to Let Your Pets Move. The sleek design allows your pet to move comfortably in the water. It does not include restrictive straps or buckles that could hinder your dog from swimming effectively.

Provides Better Visibility. The PetFloat comes with four reflective accents and bright colors offer increased visibility so you can always spot your pet in and out of the water. This dog-friendly dog swimming vest guarantees safety all the time.

Designed for Buoyancy: Designed with 20mm thick foam panels for buoyancy. The front panel has a flotation flap that helps support your dog’s head and keep it above water.

Comes with Adjustable Straps for Better Fit. The PetFloat comes with three adjustable straps with side-release buckles to help you get the perfect fit for comfort and safety for your furbaby. Your pet will enjoy the buoyancy and great fit of the PetFloat.

Built for Safety. Grab the handle on top and quickly and easily pull your pet out of the water in the case of an emergency. The D-ring on the back allows you to attach a leash when necessary.


To find the right jacket for your pup, measure their chest, neck, and weight. Then, compare their measurements to the size chart and the Maximum Buoyant Weight listed below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to measure your pet for the paw-fect fit.



Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Marjorie Robles

I bought the xxl for my 50 lb, 10 month old English Mastiff. I knew it would be too big, but she will grow into it fast. The velcro and adjustable straps with buckles made it easy to adjust it for her current size and still have a lot of room to grow! It was made well and easy to put on her. She was comfortable with it on and didn't try taking it off. I was worried about that because she's never swam with one on before. I believe it helped her feel more comfortable in the water as well because she seemed more confident swimming.
I tied her leash to the handle....that's what's dangling.

Thomas Crossley
So Fun and Cute!

Took the dogs to the lake in their little vests and they were adorable! Even though they're only 4-month-old English Labs we got them the Large size just in case. Thankfully these vests are adjustable enough that could fit securely and have a good bit of room for expansion in the coming months. When the little pups got tired retrieving the dummies in the water the life jackets helped them stay up and not dip under the waves.
We loved the handles on the back that helped us pull them up and out of the water. It was also a great addition that the vests have a leash attachment point on the back so you don't have to worry about needing to get the dog's collar wet. They can wear the vest alone and you still have control over them.
Clean up was easy! The material doesn't absorb much moisture and dirt is easily sprayed off with a hose or the sink. Hang them to dry for a few minutes and they're good to go! Great purchase if you plan to take your dog out on the water!

Jacob Singh
Great life’ jacket

I plan on taking my Boston Terriers to the beach -- they've never been - so wanted protective life jackets. My Bostons are 23 and 25 pounds. Purchased 2 vests in size L. The vests fit perfectly on both dogs. I have not tested the vests in the water yet but they appear sturdy and well made. If the vests don't work the way they should, I'll come back and update this review. Would definitely recommend for small dog owners.

Evan Woodland
Good fit, good safety features

This product was a great fit for our 34lb spaniel. There was room for adjustment and numerous attachments points that ensured a good, safe fit. We made use of the handle on the back to grab our dog and haul her up on a dock and raft. It would have been too high for her and the handle was a very convenient feature. This life jacket was well made and we felt more at ease with the dog in the water and knowing she had some floating support. We would recommend and buy again.

Gerri Pleasant
Go get your vest!

She LOVES her vest! .... My dog is a good swimmer, but my mom's dog is not. (My mom bought a yellow vest for her Shiloh after she saw Josie's) This vest seems to give both girls a sense of security. It's so cool to witness a dog experiencing something for the first time. She purposely was jumping in the water to swim around and feel the float. Also, it's easy for me to grab that top handle and swing her back on the boat. All my Josie wants is to be with me. So now when I'm going out on "the boat", I say instead, "Go get your vest!" and she's ready for kayaking!