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Ditch the cold and soggy towels! This super-absorbent pet bathrobe dries my pup in under 3 minutes. No more cold pups!

Ryan Stewart
Updated May 28th, 2024

Have You Ever Dreaded Bath Time For Your Dog More Than They Did? I Certainly Did.

Bath time with my Alaskan Malamute, Peanut, was a symphony of shivers and whines. He’d stand there, a wet, cold mess, teeth chattering and fur plastered to his body. It broke my heart!

I’ve tried everything to keep Peanut warm and dry after a bath. I’ve invested in countless towels, only to watch them get tossed aside. I’ve even attempted to use a regular hair dryer, hoping to speed up the drying process – only to be met with Peanut’s terrified yelps and the unmistakable scent of singed fur.

But it’s not just about the inconvenience of a damp dog. The constant dampness led to the worst part: itchy skin, hot spots, and the inevitable trip to the vet for yet another round of treatments.

Each time, it’s not just Peanut who suffers; it’s my wallet, too. Between the cost of vet visits and endless bottles of medicated shampoo, it’s enough to make even the most dedicated pet parent balk.

A Friendly Chat With Sarah, A Dog Lover At The Local Pet Store, Changed Everything.

Sarah, with her years of experience helping pet parents like myself, listened patiently to my tale of Peanut’s post-bath woes, and with a knowing smile, suggested a Pet Bathrobe, called FurDry. With a glimmer of hope, I decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you, it was love at first dry!

This magical pet bathrobe is a lifesaver. It’s soft and cozy, and Peanut loves wearing it after his bath. No more struggling with endless towels – the Pet Bathrobe absorbs water quickly, leaving him warm and dry in minutes.

Best of all, Peanut can move around freely in the robe. He can play or relax comfortably, and I can adjust the collar for a perfect fit. Cleaning is a breeze – just toss it in the wash!

Thanks to the FurDry Pet Bathrobe, bath time is now a cozy experience for Peanut. He stays warm, dry, and happy – just like he should be.

This New Pet-Specific Bathrobe Makes Drying Easier!

The FurDry Pet Bathrobe is a godsend for pet owners, providing a hassle-free solution for drying your furry friends quickly and comfortably after bath time, whether they’re cats or dogs. All you need to do is wrap your pets in this plush robe post-bath, and its ultra-absorbent fabric does the rest, ensuring they dry off swiftly while saving you precious time. Plus, it puts an end to the messy aftermath of wet paws all over your floors and furniture.

Especially if you’re dealing with large dogs like Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, Golden Retrievers, or breeds with thick fur like Shiba Inus, Corgis, and others, drying them off can be a real challenge. But with this professional-grade pet bathrobe, the process becomes a breeze for pet owners.

Comfortable, Breathable, and Warm!

The material of the FurDry Pet Bathrobe is ultrafine fiber, which is not only comfortable and breathable, but also has a warming effect, perfect for those chilly post-bath moments.

After rain, it’s perfect to put on your pets to quickly dry them off, keeping them warm and preventing them from catching a cold. That’s the versatility of FurDry; it’s not just a bathrobe but also a brightly colored pet garment.

With a range of stylish colors and sizes available, your pet will not only stay dry but will also look adorable while doing so. This bathrobe is suitable for pets of all shapes and sizes. If it is for cats, the smallest size XS is okay. (Unless you have a huge Maine Coon cat at home!)

As a pet bathrobe, FurDry offers the best convenience and efficiency. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro, you can easily customize the fit of the bathrobe for your pet’s maximum comfort.

You can adjust the Velcro at the neck and abdomen appropriately to ensure maximum contact between the bathrobe and your pet’s fur, allowing for quick water absorption without being too tight.

Ensuring pets are comfortably dried is the best approach, rather than holding up a hairdryer – which is tiring, time-consuming, and, in fact, not very pet-friendly.

So Easy to Wear, Friendly for Pet Owners Too!

Do you think it’s going to be a hassle to put on this bathrobe? Not at all! It’s not like dressing a child!

Now, thousands of American pet owners are choosing to buy their pets a FurDry Pet Bathrobe. Compared to regular towels or blow dryers, these bathrobes have better water absorption, dry faster, and are the healthiest option for pets.

When it comes to cleaning, just toss them in the washing machine. The material is sturdy enough, so they won’t fray or wear out. There won’t be a single hassle with FurDry all the way. The only purpose of these pet bathrobes is to dry your pets in the simplest way.

One Bathrobe, Multi-Use!

Whenever your pet gets wet, whether from rain or a bath, reach for the FurDry Pet Bathrobe to quickly dry them off. If your dog has a penchant for water play and you indulge them, having a pet bathrobe on hand is essential.

You’ll find that the effort of putting on a bathrobe for them is far simpler than previous methods – problem solved!

Do you want both you and your pet to enjoy bath time more? Then all you need is a quality pet bathrobe. Say goodbye to skipping baths for your cats and dogs because it’s too much hassle, and no more struggling to dry them off afterward.

American Pet Owners Can't Be Without FurDryt!

Whether you have pets or, especially, if you’re a cat owner, using the FurDry Pet Bathrobe is essential. We all know that cats are dignified creatures. They are delicate and sensitive, prioritizing their own comfort and refusing to compromise themselves for humans.

However, by simply dressing your cats in a comfortable bathrobe without causing too much disturbance or using a blow dryer, they will be more receptive to this gentle approach.

An increasing number of pet families across the United States are turning to FurDry Pet Bathrobes because they offer unparalleled convenience.

Here Are What Pet Owners Saying:

“The bathrobe for drying after a bath is excellent. It provides good coverage from head to tail. It dries quickly and works well. If your dog, like my little daughter, doesn’t like the air dryer, then this is a good option. I love it so much that I just ordered another one for my newly adopted little one.”

“I didn’t hesitate to buy this bathrobe as soon as I saw it. I knew it would be much better than using a hairdryer and towels. I bought the 3XL size, and it fits perfectly with room to tighten, so it can easily fit dogs weighing over 110 pounds. After washing, there was no mess, no shaking around the entire house, no rubbing against all the furniture, and no wetting everything and everyone. It dried to almost 100% in less than an hour.”

“This bathrobe can completely replace the hairdryer and dryer. My dog loves to play in the water, but it especially dislikes these drying methods. It often shows resistance, but this bathrobe is so comfortable that it no longer resists. It’s clear that it loves this bathrobe. And I’m happy that this bathrobe will help my dog dry faster. I don’t want it to get skin diseases because of it.”

Making Pet Drying Easier and More Affordable!

This is the most useful, healthiest, and cost-effective way to dry your pets! We humans know how comfortable it is to put on a bathrobe after a shower.

Why shouldn’t pets enjoy the same? They just can’t express it and don’t have the choice, so it’s up to owners to find some enjoyment and happiness for their furry friends, rather than neglecting them!

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