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FurDry Pet Bathrobe

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

FurDry Pet Bathrobe

In Stock · FREE Shipping!


Are you worried that your wet dog will stain the car or sofa?

The FurDry Pet Bathrobe can be used as a towel to dry your pet’s fur or as a bathrobe or nightgown for warmth and comfort.


  • Super absorbent

This pet bathrobe is made from soft, breathable polyester that absorbs water quickly. This will save you more time grooming your pet after a bath, shower, or walk on a rainy day so that it doesn’t freeze or smell.

  • Velcro/Belt/Button design
    The pet bathrobe has adjustable Velcro straps or belts or buttons for easy putting on and taking off. A very practical design that offers a comfortable fit that better suits your loved one.

  • Easy to pull on and off and adjustable in size depending on your pet’s waist size.
  • Multipurpose pet towel
  • Multi-purpose animal bathrobe, can be used as a bathrobe / pajamas / towel / warm coat, and your pet can walk or run freely in the process.

  • Two ways to wear the collar
    The collar can be rotated up or down and adjusts to the circumference of your pet’s neck so it doesn’t feel constricted.

  • Easy to clean
    It is made of skin-friendly microfiber and is machine and hand washable and suitable for tumble drying.

  • Wide use
    Our pet towel can be used in the car, while traveling or at home. It will protect your sofa, carpet, car, bed, floor, and chairs.
  • 5 sizes available
    Available in 5 sizes from XS to XL, it fits small, medium and large dogs and cats. The round chest and neck are adjustable to better cover the animal’s body.


Package contents: FurDry Pet Bathrobe × 1

Material: Polyamide

Colour: Green, , Yellow, Gray, Blue, Red, Purple.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Lily Martinez
Great for Winter

Perfect for winter baths! The Furdry bathrobe keeps my pet warm and prevents them from catching a chill.

Sophia Smith
Luxurious Comfort

Treat your furry friend to luxurious comfort with the Furdry pet bathrobe. They'll thank you with extra cuddles.

Lucas Nguyen
No More Wet Carpets

Since using the Furdry bathrobe, I haven't had to deal with wet carpets after bath time. It's a relief!

Ethan Wilson
Reduced Post-Bath Shaking

This bathrobe significantly reduces post-bath shaking, keeping my floors dry and my dog warm and cozy.

Noah Garcia
Happy and Dry

Keep your pet happy and dry with the Furdry bathrobe. It's a small investment for their comfort and happiness.