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WalkMate Comfort-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness – Adjustable Straps, Easy Control with Front and Back Clips and Handle, Breathable, Soft Padding, Reflective Strips for Night Safety, Breathable Mesh, Durable Oxford Fabric

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WalkMate Comfort-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness – Adjustable Straps, Easy Control with Front and Back Clips and Handle, Breathable, Soft Padding, Reflective Strips for Night Safety, Breathable Mesh, Durable Oxford Fabric

In Stock · FREE Shipping!

Hey fellow dog lovers! Are you tired of playing tug-of-war every time you take your four-legged friend for a stroll? Well, let me introduce you to your new best friend (after your dog, of course): the WalkMate Comfort-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness. This isn’t just any ordinary harness; it’s like the Swiss Army knife of dog accessories, minus the toothpick and tiny scissors.

Imagine a harness that’s so comfy and breathable, your dog might just forget it’s wearing it. Thanks to its soft padding and breathable mesh, the WalkMate is like a cozy hug for your pup – but without squeezing too tight, of course. And let’s talk about control! With front and back clips and an easy-control handle, you’re the captain of the ship, steering your enthusiastic canine companion with ease. Whether you’re navigating busy streets or exploring serene trails, you’re in charge (but let’s face it, we all know who the real boss is).

And for those late-night or early-morning walks, the reflective strips are like having a safety superhero on your side, making sure you and your furry pal are visible and safe. Plus, the durable Oxford fabric is tough enough to handle all the adventures you two will embark on. So, grab your WalkMate, and let’s turn those chaotic walks into enjoyable strolls down Easy Street!

Fit for the Fido in Your Life

Adjustable straps mean this harness grows with your pooch. Whether they’re a sprightly pup or a full-grown hound, the perfect fit is a few clicks away. No more “I think I ate too much” moments!

Choose Your Adventure Clip

Front and back clips offer the flexibility of a yoga instructor. Training day? Use the front. Casual moonlit stroll? Back clip it is. It’s like having two harnesses in one!

Handle with Care (and Control!)

That easy control handle isn’t just for show. It’s like having a built-in steering wheel for navigating through squirrel sightings and crowded dog parks.

Cloud Nine Comfort

Soft padding and breathable mesh? It’s like your dog is wearing a cloud. Say goodbye to the days of harness chafing and those sad puppy eyes.

Shine Bright Like a Canine Diamond

Reflective strips make sure your midnight escapades are safe. You and your night-owl pooch will light up like a disco ball for safety!

Tougher than a Dog’s Chew Toy

Durable Oxford fabric stands up to the test of even the most adventurous pooches. It’s like armor, but fashionable and comfortable.

No Choke, Just Stroll

The no-choke design means your pup can sniff and explore without any oof moments. Breathing easy and walking easier.

Easy Peasy to Put On

Quick to put on, so no more wrestling matches trying to get your dog ready for a walk. It’s like the harness version of slip-on shoes!

Big Dog Approved

Designed with large dogs in mind, this harness makes sure that even the beefiest of buddies are catered for.

Pull No More

The no-pull design turns walks from a game of tug-of-war into a peaceful promenade. It’s like having a zen master for your dog.

Grab Your Harness, Grab the Adventure

Why wait for the next full moon to transform your walks into something extraordinary? The WalkMate Comfort-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness is here to revolutionize your daily jaunts with Fido. But hurry, your dog’s tail isn’t going to wag itself! Snag this harness now and turn every walk into an epic journey of comfort and control. It’s time to ditch the drag and embrace the ease. Your dog’s dream harness is just a click away, and trust me, those wagging tails and grateful licks are worth every penny. Walk on the wild side, but do it in style and safety!

Tech Specs Unleashed

For those who love the finer details as much as their furry friends, here’s the lowdown on what makes the WalkMate Comfort-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness a true standout:

  • Material: High-quality, durable Oxford fabric coupled with breathable mesh.
  • Strap Adjustability: Fully adjustable straps to fit a wide range of large dog breeds.
  • Clip Options: Dual leash attachment points with a front clip for training and a back clip for casual walks.
  • Handle Design: Sturdy and easy control handle for maneuverability.
  • Safety Features: Reflective strips for enhanced nighttime visibility.
  • Comfort Elements: Soft padding to prevent chafing and skin irritation.
  • Fit: Specifically designed for large dogs, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of active dogs and their outdoor adventures.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to put on and take off, reducing prep time for walks.
  • Choke-Free Design: Ensures even pressure distribution for a comfortable and safe experience.


Having an excitable dog? Not a problem! Crafted of durable Oxford fabric, this harness could withstand plenty of pulling and tugging. And it won’t fade or get damaged easily.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Christopher Ahlers
It fit.

Our boy is a Great Pyrenees mix, and he's a big boy, weighing about 145 lbs. So I bought the XL and crossed my fingers. It fits!Bought the yellow, hoping our doggo would have better visibility. Eh, some, but his fur is long enough to cover the straps, and even some of the chest piece in front. Additionally,we had to lengthen the straps to fit his chest, and the refective tape ended up on the inside of the harness when we let the straps alllll the way out. The harness is visible only on top, and a bit on his chest, so the color really has not mattered.The harness seems sturdy enough. The little handle on top is handy for walking our boy. He walks well when we use the harness, particularly when we hold the handle. He walks ok with the leash on the harness, too, but he's tall enough that using the handle is nice for walking in step together.I can't comment on durability as we've just started using it. Have wondered about the durability of the plastic rings for attaching the leash. Our dog is large, and has so much strength without even trying, that we've been watching the plastic rings. I'll try to remember to come back with a durability update.Update:Um...so about the durability.... The fourth time the big boy was hooked to his chain (not leash walking) he separated the strapping (see picture) and Houdini-ed out of the harness. I thought it was cinched tightly enough, and in my defense he has A LOT of fur and "extra" skin, so I'm not sure how much more tightly I could fasten it. He was chained up to the harness for some outdoor sedentary time before coming in for his snack after an off-leash, free range frolic. APPARENTLY he decided he needed more frolicking. On an up note, the plastic fastenings and rings all held fine. LOLI tend to not fault the product, as our youngster has defeated most products designed for his safety. (He blew through the Elizabethan collar in less than an hour after surgery to prevent him bothering his stitches. He ate through the rubber muzzle, after the same injury and surgery. The inflatable collar to keep him from turning had no effect. The bandaging that we were assured we'd only have to change every other day turned into wrestling matches twice per day. He LIKED the bitter anti- licking spray. And all before he reached full size. He's never vicious, always sweet, just watches all our efforts and then does his own thing. Oy!)

Dustin Conway
Great for my big boy!

My 90lb Bully loves his harness! When he sees me get it out he does circles! He is comfortable in it, and it is easy to get on and off. Very happy with this purchase so far.

Joann Stpeter
On a whim

I honestly just got this on a whim because of an a appointment to take my dog, once I used it I was suprised how great this is. I got a large for my German shepherd it fits perfectly an you can adjust it without difficulty, I can clip my leashe top or bottom of the dog an I love the handle to grab my dookie dog chasing after cats. Overall it's great quality not to mention the reflectors I'll definitely be getting a other one if it wears out or my dog tears it apart. 5 stars 🌟

Carol Cooper
Love it!

Love this harness for our puppy! It’s not very reflective but fits great and is so easy to put on!

Earl Gardner
Georgia loves !

Georgia picked the color because she's tired of people asking "What's his name?"This harness fits well. It seems very sturdy. Both Georgia and I like a harness for walking as she isn't pulling on her neck collar. And I can control her walking better with a harness.