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Why Thousands of Pet Owners Choose This New Solution to Make Their Cats Drinking More Water?

Ryan Stewart
Updated Jun 20th, 2024

“My vet recommended this fountain after one of my younger cats got a UTI. It replaced the old, bacteria-filled bowl, and has gotten all my cats to drink way more water. And I barely have to refill it. AMAZING.”

Pet owners should know, and must know, how much harm and trouble it can cause when cats drink too little water.

A cat’s aversion to drinking water is often linked to their instincts and genetics, but that doesn’t mean their bodies don’t need water.

Mild dehydration can result in rough fur, dry stools, or even constipation, while moderate dehydration may accompany various skin conditions. Prolonged dehydration can also lead to issues like cystitis, bladder stones, kidney stones, and more.

If your cat primarily consumes dry cat food, it’s even more important to encourage them to drink water, as dry cat food typically contains only 10% moisture!

When cats don't drink water, it's the human's fault.

As a pet owner, how do you make sure your pets are hydrated, I mean, drinking “enough water“?

What most pet owners do is simply top up their water bowls straight from the tap. Here are the problems:

• Pets will splash water all over the place, and it’s really a mess to clean.

• Bowl water gets dirty so fast! It’s like a breeding ground for germs. There are always bits of food tossed in it, easily growing MOLD and BACTERIA.

It comes as no surprise that pets are naturally picky drinkers. Due to the water in their bowls getting dirty easily, they’d rather drink from fish tanks, toilets, or even our cups! And then, they might accidentally knock over the cup. Oh my!

In fact, 1 in 3 cats and dogs will develop chronic kidney disease due to filthy, stagnant bowl water. Among them, over 3000 house cats died due to dehydration-related health issues.

As a chronic condition, having a pet with kidney disease undoubtedly poses a significant financial burden for owners.

Blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure monitoring, CT scans—just one round of these examinations can cost thousands of dollars. Do you still think it’s a trivial matter if your cat doesn’t drink water? This is where big problems can easily arise!

If there was a solution that could encourage your pet to drink more water and stay hydrated even when you’re not around, wouldn’t that be great? Don’t you want your pet to have access to the cleanest, freshest water just like we do?

This vet-recommended solution can really encourage pets to drink more.

The MeowJoy Water Fountain is the #1 fountain of choice for keeping your pet hydrated.

The company behind it is an American-based company that focuses on top-notch pet items and is dedicated to creating a better life for your pets while also making your family happy.

Its genius design gives your furry friends a source of clean, constantly flowing water stream that they like the most.

The flowing water stream mimics a more natural way to entice their curiosity and instincts.

Therefore naturally encourage your cat and dog to drink more water throughout the day, just like they would in the wild.

Most importantly, its quadra-action filter ensures the water is ALWAYS clean and free of contaminants!

The cleanest water your pet will ever drink!

The integrated level 4 filter system removes 98% of impurities:

✔️ PP grid filters fur and large particles

✔️ Coconut shell activated carbon removes chlorine and odors

✔️ Ion exchange resin removes heavy metal ions such as calcium and magnesium

✔️Filter sponge further removes tiny ion impurities and fur, protecting the water pump

So your pet can always get the cleanest and most tasty and refreshing water possible, which is great for their overall health.

Modern science has proven that increasing clean water intake helps prevent 80% of chronic kidney disease, feline urinary tract infections, and constipation.

And keeps their coat soft and shiny! Not to mention the good of keeping them off the counter and away from your drinking glass.

The food-grade safe stainless steel material reassures all pet owners.

Pet water dispensers are not meant to be used once and thrown away. For something intended for long-term use, we need to ensure its materials are absolutely safe. Just as we tend to prefer ceramic or stainless steel cups over plastic ones.

MeowJoys most prominent advantage lies in its eco-friendly stainless steel material.

Compared to most plastic pet water fountains on the market, MeowJoy uses only food-grade 304 stainless steel. The food safety of our furry friends is of paramount importance, and I believe all pet owners can deeply appreciate this point.

The benefits of stainless steel material are surprisingly numerous!

Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, long-lasting, non-toxic, odorless, and less prone to bacterial buildup and scaling.

Best of all, it’s easy to clean! You can regularly disinfect it with hot water without worrying about harmful substances harming your cat’s health, just like washing dishes, without any psychological burden.

Why do pet owners LOVE this pet water fountain?

Pets who drink from fountains take in 65% more water compared to a regular bowl. Pets that stay hydrated, stay healthy.

The MeowJoy Water Fountain is the quietest pet water fountain out there! The silent water pump produces almost no noise to disturb you and your pets. We know that pets don’t particularly like noisy machinery of any variety, so, this is a definite plus.

With a large tank that holds 4L/135oz of water, your cat and dog will have access to fresh, running water without the constant need for refilling. The transparent window allows you to conveniently refill water at any time.

The MeowJoy team has gone above and beyond in packing it full of extra features for your pet:

➢ Provides a peaceful, bubbling flow – relaxing water flow encourages your pet to drink more.


➢ Constant water circulation – prevents bacteria growth and provides healthy and hygienic water


➢ Reduced serious illness – increasing clean water intake helps prevent chronic kidney disease, feline urinary tract infection and constipation


➢ Incredibly easy to clean & refill – the visible window facilitates timely water replenishment, and turn the device on and give your pets clean, healthy water

➢ Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, easy to clean and safe for your pet to drink from.

➢ 5V Low voltage system – safe & low energy consumption

➢ 4L large capacity is suitable for multi-pet households, including cats, dogs, and even other unique pets

No one wishes for their little cats or dogs to get sick. It’s quite simple: as long as they have an adequate intake of fresh water, many troubles can be minimized.

Over 7,600 Pet Owners Left Their 5-star Reviews:

Hundreds of 5-star reviews, along with countless people on social media raving about how it’s a complete game-changer:

Louis S.

“MeowJoy works great. My cats love them and drink more water now. It has definitely helped with hydrating my cats. It is much better than the bowl of water that I no longer use and is more convenient.”

Amanda L.

“My dog’s water bowl used to be filled with fur and dirt and sometimes formed a slimy layer, even if we cleaned it out daily. After switching to this water fountain, our pup finally has access to clean, fresh water all the time. We also noticed it drinks more than before.”

Olivia R.

“My cat recently went through a horrendous time with a urinary blockage. Thanks to a wonderful vet, he survived, but we were worried about making sure his water intake was sufficient to help keep the trouble from returning. In the past 3 weeks, he has drank from the fountain all day long and so far not had a relapse.”

How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?

With the high-quality components and outstanding durability of the MeowJoy Water Fountain, you might assume this top-quality pet water fountain costs hundreds or more. However, brace yourself for a surprise! The MeowJoy Water Fountain is currently offered at only $99.98, representing an outstanding value for its unmatched features!

But wait, there’s more! As a limited-time offer, we’re giving our valued readers an exclusive chance to own the MeowJoy Water Fountain at a staggering 50% OFF!

Seize this golden opportunity now, as inventory is flying off the shelves. A jaw-dropping offer that will not last long.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

The answer is absolutely YES!

Now that you know how important a flowing, clean source of water is to your furry friends, why gamble with your pets’ health with stagnant, polluted regular bowl water?

MeowJoy Water Fountain is a must-have for every pet owner. It’s the easiest way to encourage your pets to drink more, therefore keeping them hydrated and healthy.

It saves you a lot of hassle in water refreshing, cleaning, and thousands in vet bills! The fountain actually pays for itself.

You know what even gets better? At the moment, you can get MeowJoy Water Fountain with a whopping 50% OFF discount. It’s an amazing deal and we’re sure this won’t last long…

However, once the promo is over, it’s only going to get more expensive…

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How to Get My Very Own MeowJoy Water Fountain?

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If it’s still in stock, here is how to get yours:

1) Order the MeowJoy Water Fountain from the official website.

2) Make some efforts for the health of your beloved pets.

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